Friday, December 23, 2011

A Note To Husbands Everywhere

Statistics show that nearly half of all marriages end in divorce. What the stats do not show is how many others are not as happy as they should or could be. So, to put in my two-cents worth, based on over 40 years experience, I offer the following tips for husbands.

If you haven't noticed, women see, hear and understand things differently from men. Until you understand that simple concept, you will never be the kind of husband your wife deserves.

If you think that all you have to do is say, "I love you" once in awhile, and give her a kiss, thinking she will then know that you love her, you are sadly mistaken. A woman needs confirmation. It is not enough to say it - you must also show it. Every day.

When it snows, do you clean off her car? On cold mornings, do you go out and warm the car for her? And if she works and helps provide for the family, do you do your honest share of the housework?

When was the last time you brought home flowers for no reason other than to show your appreciation? And have you EVER sent her a love letter through the mail since the day you said "I Do"? Or even a romantic card once in awhile?

And when was the last time you hugged her and said, "I'm taking you out to dinner because I appreciate all that you do that makes my life worth living"? It's not enough, guys, to just take her out to dinner. You need to TELL her that it is for HER, and that you appreciate her. It's all about confirmation.

Marriages get in trouble when the parties stop showing the love, appreciation and romance that was an integral part of falling in love in the first place. More marriages end because someone feels they are being taken for granted than for any infidelity. It is difficult to be unfaithful to someone you love, respect and appreciate. And showing those to her will also strengthen them in yourself.

Now, stop reading this, pull away from the computer, go find your other (and probably better) half and give them a meaningful kiss, and tell them you love them, and then find some one to show it's not just talk.

Merry Christmas, All


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