Friday, December 16, 2011

A Novel Approach To Cutting Medical Costs...

Most people fully realize that "ObamaCare" will not reduce medical costs - in fact, will actually increase them. But there are ways to cut the costs, whether or not ObamaCare remains.

Of course, there are the well known points, such as tort reform, which reduces costs to doctors and hospitals, so the consumer saves. And being able to shop for insurance from other states increases competition, thereby reducing costs. But there is still something else we should look at.

Considering that medicine is a necessity and not a luxury, and eventually needed by all, to some extent, it should be a "public service", not unlike a minister or Rabbi. So I make the following proposal...

We, the People, via our government should offer medical college for free to all who aspire to become physicians, provided they a) can show the ability i.e. good grades etc., and b) formally agree to use their medical education for the good of the people for a minimum of 20 years. In addition, upon becoming a physician, We, the People would provide them with free housing, food, transportation and a cash stipend, which provides for their full needs. They would also be guaranteed a nice pension. Everything they require, paid for by the taxpayer.

In exchange, doctors would treat everyone for free, just as a minister does.

This is not unlike how we fund our military - they get free training, housing, food, medical care and a stipend.

Certainly, being a doctor would no longer insure a fat income, but it would provide a very good living without any of the associated hassles or costs of paying a half million in student loans, or thousands in medical malpractice insurance.

In fact, we would be more likely to get better doctors, and more of them. Under the current system, the cost of the education prevents most people from even attempting to become a doctor. Think of it - with the education provided for free, anyone with the capacity to be a doctor could become a doctor. No more shortage of M.D.'s.

Think about it - with something as necessary as medicine, doesn't it make sense for the community (We, the People) to make the provision to provide adequate help for ourselves?


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