Thursday, July 1, 2010


So I'm listening to President Obama and his speech on immigration. It is truly amazing how he can spin ILLEGAL immigration into something that is not really wrongdoing.

Yes, we are a nation of immigrants - LEGAL immigrants. We have immigration laws for a reason, and whenever any person breaks those laws, they have committed a crime. And those who commit crimes should not be exonerated simply because, as Obama put it, "they are simply looking for a better life."

Pardon me for being blunt, but a bank robber is robbing banks because he is looking for a better life. Should we also exonerate them as well? How about Bernie Madoff? The mugger in the park?

Liberals simply do not comprehend, because they live in a world of ideals instead of a world of reality. Yes, it would be great if everybody could come here, unfettered, and chase the American dream because we have open borders. But that is not reality, and here are just a few of the reasons why:

1) We do not need more criminals, and many criminals are coming here from other countries, including the latino gangs

2) We do not need terrorists coming here, for obvious reasons

3) Room. American schools, cities, and streets are already overcrowded. With open borders, we would be swamped with hundreds of millions more people. Currently a population of 300 million, and suffering overcrowded schools, prisons, streets and hospitals, imagine if that were doubled to 600 million. Imagine twice as many cars on the roadways during your commute.

4) Jobs. Where would we all work? Not only are there not enough jobs, there are not enough businesses to accommodate that many more people. Lines at any store would be 4 times longer, and prices would skyrocket as demand quickly surpasses supply.

Obama also used the same tired mantra that we have to grant amnesty because there is no way to round up 11 million people.

He is wrong, and he knows it. He knows that you can grant immigrants a "guest worker" pass that allows them to live and work here WITHOUT granting them a path to citizenship. And he also knows that if current immigration laws were enforced and employers could no longer hire illegals, we would not have to "round them up" - without a source of income they would leave on their own.

He knows this, but chooses to ignore it because it does not help him push his agenda.

NO pathway to citizenship should be made available to ANYONE here illegally. You simply do not reward people for breaking the law. Period. Give illegals a choice - stay, work, enjoy America as a GUEST WORKER, or go home and return LEGALLY. Only those who choose to enter LEGALLY should be granted any path to citizenship.

Obama, just because we may let them stay does not mean we must give them a path to citizenship. The ONLY reason you want to give lawbreakers citizenship is to pad the ballot box with grateful Latino votes.

Stop politicizing this issue. It is too important.

First, secure the borders. Any EMT will tell you that you must stop the bleeding and stabilize the patient before doing anything else.

Second, give illegals a choice - pass a criminal records check, then get a Guest Worker pass. NO path to citizenship, ever, unless they return home and re-enter legally, to show respect for our laws. If you want to be a citizen, return home, then re-enter legally. Take your choice.

Obama wants "comprehensive" reform that ties securing the border to amnesty. We already tried that. In the '80's, Reagan said he would grant amnersty if the government would secure the border. He granted the amnesty. But the border was never secured, which is the ONLY reason we have this problem today. Had the border been secured, we would not be arguing this and the problem would not even exist.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. No, Mr. President, secure the border FIRST to show good faith. Then we can talk about what to do with the illegals already here.

Now Obama has said, "We can put politics aside" to do this. However, his entire speech was politics, and his suggested solutions are strictly political - granting amnesty with a path to citizenship, as if one requires the other. It does not. That is a POLITICAL solution, for political purposes.

There are 6 BILLION people on this rock. At least 20% of those would prefer to be in America. Imagine open borders that would allow that billion to come here, quadrupling our population virtually overnight.

We do not have the room. Nor the housing. Nor the businesses required to sustain so many. Nor the schools. Nor the highways. We simply do NOT have the infrastructure to support open borders.

And that is why immigration must be carefully metered, so as not to swamp the system that supports us and provides the "American Dream".

Open borders would make it the American Nightmare.


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