Friday, July 30, 2010

Arne Duncan - Doubling Down On Lousy Education

The United States is sadly falling way behind other nations in the quality of education our children get. That is a fact.

It is also a fact that the reason we are falling behind is due to not being able to fire lousy teachers, no accountability of teaching quality and really stupid curricula designed to "liberalize" our children rather than teach them. Dumb curricula like teaching 1st graders about gay sex, or how to put on a condom. And U.S. History that does not begin until "progressivism" reared its ugly head in the 1880's.

So, what other suggestion would a very liberal Secretary of Education come up with but to extend the number of hours, days and weeks our kids spend in lousy schools learning more of the same?

Duncan wants our kids to be in school up to 14 hours per day, 6 days a week, all year long. And he says it is designed to increase the quality of the education.

Now for some common sense - the only way to increase the quality of education is by getting rid of bad teachers, holding teachers and schools accountable and providing a worthwhile curricula that is designed to teach our kids what they need to know. Adding hours to their schedule does nothing for quality. In fact, it would tire them out, and effectively prevent them from ever being children.

Moreover, think about this - most schools are cooperatives, with the average student spending at least 2 hours per day on a bus. Most students have 2 hours of homework. And most students have chores to do, especially in rural areas. If you add all those hours to even a 12 hour school day, the average child will be working 18 hours per day. That leaves 6 hours for meals, recreation, bathing, sleeping...even adults are not required to put in that many hours. When do the children get to be children?

But there is a much more insidious monster lurking in Duncan's suggestion. It is no secret that progressive liberals want to control our lives from cradle to grave. And it comes as no surprise to informed people that the best way to accomplish that is to take over the rearing of our children. Hitler understood that, and used his "youth camps" to do precisely the same thing as Duncan is proposing.

If the progressives can remove the influence of parents, they can mold the children into whatever they want. It's called "indoctrination", and it only works if you can remove outside influences - like parents.

And it has already begun. In many schools across the nation our children are being forced to learn and sing songs praising Obama. They are being taught that traditional values, and even God, are bad things. If you do not believe that, you have not seen the actual unedited videos that kids are sending via their cell phones, which have been shown on all legitimate news programs (you will not see them on NBC, MSNBC, ABC or CBS).

If you do not yet comprehend what is really going on here, you had better find out, because our entire way of life is at stake.

Progressivim (liberalism) is designed to enslave the masses by making them dependent upon government for their very existence. It has already happened in many nations around the globe. And it is happening here, with welfare, government health care, government education (the Department of Education is younger than I am - education used to be run locally. You know - when America was actually leading the world in education).

Forty-seven percent of all working Americans now depend on government for their jobs or their welfare "entitlements". And forty-nine percent of working Americans pay NO taxes at all.

If you went to school back when a good education was the norm, you can add two and two. You can see where the progressives are trying to take us.

And you can stop it at the polls, by always electing people who shun progressive, liberal ideas.
You can improve the quality of education without increasing the hours simply by demanding that "tenure" be dissolved, and by removing the power from teacher's unions. And you can demand school vouchers, which would force all schools to improve if they want to survive. It's called "competition", and it is what made this country great.

The progressive idea that everyone should win, everyone should get a trophy, and everyone should get an "A" just for trying is not only absurd, but incredibly devastating. It destroys competition - why try harder if you are going to get an "A" anyway?

Duncan and the progressives in Washington need to be stopped. And only you can stop them. In November, get rid of all the clowns who are in Washington to serve their own, personal goals. Get rid of everyone who does not think America needs to be "top dog". Fire everyone who thinks we need not excel. And toss out the jokers who believe they know better than you, and therefore do not need to listen to you.

In other words, replace at least 90% of all elected officials with people who really care about the America that George Washington fought for.


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