Friday, July 30, 2010


In June, President Obama and Vice President Biden announced their "Summer Tour - Road to Recovery", intent on touting their own horn about how the economy was recovering, and it was all due to their efforts. The credit goes to them, and don't anyone forget it.

Today, the report came out showing only a 2.4% increase in GDP in the last quarter - slower than the previous two quarters. This indicated a serious slowdown in the economy rather than a recovery. And guess what?

You guessed it - they both came on air today blaming Bush for the slowdown. Strange - just yesterday the economy belonged to them, but today it suddenly belongs to Bush again.

Aren't you, like me, getting sick and tired of liberals STILL blaming Bush for everything - even though he has not been in office for a year and a half?

Bush was in office only 9 months when 9/11 happened, and the liberals blamed him. They said he should have known, and prevented it. But Obama has been in office twice that long and NOTHING is his fault.

I recall that there was a Godfather in NYC (I think it was John Gotti) called the "Teflon Don" because nothing stuck to him. But he has nothing on Obama.

Over the remainder of his term, Obama will continue to blame Bush for everything that goes wrong, but will take credit for everything that goes right.

Sounds like a spoiled 5 year old. What is it in the make-up of progressives that does not allow them to take responsibility for anything that goes awry but requires they take credit for everything that goes well?

My dad, a very wise man, would have said "lack of character and integrity."


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