Wednesday, July 21, 2010

What Your $1,013,162,955 Buys

From June 2009 until Marh 2010 (only 9 months), Congress spent over a billion dollars of taxpayer money on - THEMSELVES.

Here's the breakdown:

The biggest spender is Pedro Pierluisi (D) of Puerto Rico ($1.5 million), who cannot even vote on legislation. He is closely followed by fellow Democrat Jim Costa of California, who spent $1.3 million.

The biggest expense was benefits for retired federal employees showing some $80 million in expenditures.

Wasted: $114,925 is what the Democratic Caucus paid for its staff to have a getaway for the weekend to set the caucus' 2009 legislative agenda at the Kingsmill Resort in Williamsburg, Va.

$552 million in payments for all workers on the payroll. $12.5 million of that is for student loans. With what Congress and their staff get paid, they should not be getting student loans!

$18million spent on computer hardware and $5.3million spent on computer software

$7.5 million spent on office supplies (like toner cartridges and pencils), of which more than half a million went to a Washington DC company for "printer needs"

$565,373 was spent on carpet during the nine-month period while a whopping $317,304 was spent on new drapes during the same period

Since Congressmen only get paid a couple hundred thousand a year, they cannot afford to buy their own treats and snacks. $2.6 million spent on food and beverages for House reps and their staffers, of which $604, 000 was spent on bottled water alone and a ridiculous $3,061 was spent on Chantilly Donuts. $84,794 spent on companies that specialize in coffee and $9,450 was spent on Coca-Cola products

$11 million spent on newspapers and other resources

$12.5 million spent on travel - Chellie Pingree (D) of Maine was the most traveled, though Jerry Moran (R) of Kansas spent more

Remember, folks - these are rather wealthy people, who we pay exceptionally well, and spending your taxpayer dollars. Some expenses are legitimate, but many are not. It's time we tell them to buy their own damned donuts and bottled water.


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