Saturday, July 31, 2010

The REAL Reason the 9/11 Responder Bill Failed

Rep. King (R-NY) co-sponsored a bill to provide more medical coverage to the 9/11 responders. The bill was supposed to be presented for a vote under the "normal" Congressional rule of a simple majority. If the Democratic leadership had allowed a simple majority vote, the bill would have passed overwhelmingly. This was well known to all.

But when the time came for a vote, the Democrat leadership intentionally disregarded a simple majority vote and decided to require a 2/3 majority vote. This was an insidious calculation on their part, as they knew beforehand that there were not enough votes for a 2/3 majority. Even many Democrats were voting against the bill.

So, why did the Democratic leadership, spearheaded by Anthony Weiner (D-NY) intentionally choose to sabotage the bill?

Because they wanted to be able to point to the Republicans as "obstructionists" and the "party of no" when the bill failed, as they knew it would. A cheap political point, and the 9/11 responders it would have helped are the ones who paid the price for that undeserved point.

To further illustrate the underhandedness of the Democrat leadership, when the bill failed Weiner verbally attacked and abused King for the failure of the bill to pass, in spite of the fact that it was King's bill, and King voted FOR it. But that did not stop Weiner and the Democrat leadership from trying to lay the blame on King and score that political point.

King wrote the bill. King voted for it. King expected it to go to a simple majority vote, where the bill was certain to be passed. But Weiner and his thugs sabotaged the bill, intentionally, just so they could try and make the Republicans look bad just before mid-term elections.

Weiner says the fact that only 12 Republicans voted for the bill proves his point that they are obstructionists. But that is incorrect. Had the bill been presented properly as a simple majority vote, almost all Republicans were ready to vote for it. But when Weiner and the Democrat leadership changed the rules in order to purposely sabotage the bill, many Republicans chose, rightfully, to object, and show their objections by voting "no".

When Congress returns in a couple of weeks, King plans to offer the bill once again. Here's hoping the Democratic leadership does not choose to torpedo it this time just to make a cheap political point. The heroic 9/11 responders need the assistance it will provide. And we do not need Anthony Weiner depriving them of that aid.

Democrat majority take note: if you intentionally sabotage a Republican sponsored bill for the sole purpose of making a cheap political point, we, the people, will not be fooled. Your trickery and deceit will be the one thing in Washington that really is transparent. Put the stupid politics aside and provide for the 9/11 responders.


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