Monday, July 26, 2010


Someone posting as "anonymous" left the following comment concerning my blog on the Oakland CA city council drug cartel:

"You BLAME weed for your problems, that is a personal issue. Shoot, alcohol has not only ruined lives, but KILLS people by it self. "

Spoken like a true pothead in denial. First, let's begin with alcohol ruining lives - only a braindead person would excuse bad behavior by pointing to other bad behavior. What you are insinuating is that it's OK to murder innocent people because terrorists also murder innocent people. I think you need to wake up and smell the coffee instead of the weed.

As for blaming weed - I have never shirked from my responsibility. I made the decision to smoke pot for 11 years. That's on me. But that does not change the fact that it was the effects of the weed that caused all the problems. Indirectly it was me - my decision. Directly it was the weed. And it is not a "personal issue" when weed causes forgetfulness, makes you less functional on the job, makes it harder to maintain a relationship. Those things are directly caused by the weed. Not to mention the cost to your family when a person spends hundreds a week on getting stoned.

Yes, the responsibility is mine. But the CAUSE was the weed.

Yes, alcohol does much the same thing. But in case you missed it, I did not advocate on behalf of alcohol. And again, in case you missed it because of a weed stupor, I did exclude "casual recreational" use. The person who only uses it once or twice a week on their own time are not at issue. The issue is a city government becoming a drug cartel for profit. Can you name just ONE real difference in purpose and effect between the Mexican cartels and the Oakland City Council cartel?

America is a great country, but it cannot remain great for long if we put it in the hands of people who are stoned.

The commenter went on (again) saying "Your real problem is you BLAME weed for your problems instead of taking responsability for yourself. "

Well, in case your weed-befuddled brain did not get it the first few times, I have ALWAYS taken responsibility, and stated so several times. But that does NOT change the fact that the effects of the weed caused the problems. Yes, my decision. And I have always taken responsibility for that. But the effects are caused by the weed. Cause and effect.

He also said "comparing weed to MURDER INC." is a stretch, but it really is not - the principle is precisely the same - condoning bad behavior for the sake of money. I also compared it to child porn - same thing.

Strange (not really) that the commenter conveniently ignored the real question - what is the difference between the Oakland city council and any other drug cartel?

To the commenter I would say: Look, you can try all you might to excuse your abuse of drugs, my friend, but I've been there, done that. That dog don't hunt. Call it medicine or whatever you wish - it is a DRUG. It has debilitating effects while under its influence. Can it help relieve some pain or have other medicinal qualities? Certainly, same as alcohol. But don't try to BS anyone that you smoke dope for that any more than a drunk swills booze for the medicinal effects. You smoke it because you are a pothead, plain and simpe. Now maybe YOU should take responsibility for THAT.

I was smart enough to give up the weed over 20 years ago. And since then I have regained everything I had lost, and more, but only from long, hard effort. It is not easy starting over from scratch at 42. So if you are moronic enough to think I do not take responsibility for my choices, then you simply have no clue. I have become somewhat famous and incredibly wealthy because I do take responsibility. Perhaps you will someday learn to do the same - but not while you are still making excuses for your addiction.


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