Monday, July 12, 2010

Come Again?

In an AP article today, I found the following statement concerning why half of California voters are backing Jerry "Moonbeam" Brown:

"The five biggest plusses Brown's supporters see in him are that he supports the new health care reform law, is a Democrat, supports President Obama and his policies, has experience working with legislative leaders and holds a progressive view on the issues"

I used to live in Long Beach and Rialto back in the '60's. It was nice then. In the late '60's I saw the beginnings of a dangerous trend that could destroy the state - progressivism. And for the last 30 years I watched in dismay as progressives kept pushing California off a cliff. And now the job is nearly complete - California is bankrupt from all the expensive and foolish "social" programs that progressives love, but no one can afford.

And I find it amazing that today almost half of all California voters want more of the same. (The definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result.)

It only goes to show that, with the right piper, the lemmings will march themselves right into the ocean and drown. That is what happens when ideology trumps reality and common sense.

Although I am a conservative libertarian and do not hold with progressivism (previously known as Marxism), I almost hope Brown does win. It will finally send California into default and maybe, just maybe, the rest of us can see the result of progressive thinking before it is too late.

NOTE: The 5 states closest to bankruptcy happen to be the 5 states that have been run by progressives for at least two decades. CA, IL, NY, NJ and MA. MI and CT, also progressive, are close behind.


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