Friday, July 16, 2010

Most Of You Do Not Know This

By 2014 the "health care law" REQUIRES you to get tested for your BMI (Body Mass Index, or Obesity Rating) and it will be included in government records, supposedly to help them determine what medical attention you qualify for (or not).

In other words, your obesity rating will be more or less public record, and could be used to single you out either for mandatory treatment, or to prevent you from getting certain treatment because you are a risk. Total control by the government. I can already see feds pounding on the door, demanding to check your fridge and cupboards, looking for those contraband Oreo's and Twinkee's.

Liberals say, "Naw, that won't happen," but I would ask just one question - if not for the purpose of forcing lifestyle changes against your will, or to use the info to keep you from treatment, then WHY does the government REQUIRE your BMI, by law?

While you ponder on that, remember what Supreme Court nominee Kagan said to Congress last month - that it is within the right of the government to decide what foods you can and cannot eat. Yes, she said that. It was videotaped. She said that under the commerce clause, the government can regulate which foods you have access to, and WHO has access to them.

Chew on that one, folks. It's where we are headed unless we all - every one of us - waddle over to the voting booth in November and vote for those who would change this mess and make it right.


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