Saturday, July 17, 2010


A while back the Democrats who control Congress all signed a "pay as you go" pledge - they would not pass any spending measure that was not fully funded and paid for. The Republicans in Congress also made a pledge - to not vote for any spending measure that was not fully paid for - in other words, to hold the Democrats to their own pledge.

Now the Democrats try to push through unfunded unemployment extension benefits. Not paid for, they would be added to the deficit and laid on the backs of future generations. The Democrats are breaking their promise.

The Republicans refuse to accept the extensions unless they are funded, and are therefore keeping their promise.

And now Obama, in a lame attempt at politicizing this is trying to make everyone believe the Republicans are blocking the benefits.

They are not. They are simply keeping their promise and trying to get the Democrats to keeps theirs - to FUND it. It is not that difficult to do, since there is plenty of unspent stimulus money that could be used to fund the extensions. But the Democrats refuse to use that money because it is scheduled to buy more votes for Democrats.

If anyone can be accused of blocking unemployment benefits, it's the Democrats. If they would keep their word and "pay as they go", there would be no problem and the Republicans would sign on.

This is a dishonest political game. Both parties do it. They take something that everyone needs and wants, then tack on unsavory things to make sure the other side cannot vote for it. Then they blame the other side for voting against the good things.

When in fact, they are not - they are voting against the bad things that were attached to it.

Like the funding for the war. Republicans and Democrats both agree it is necessary. But the Dems added 27 billion dollars of non-related pork to the bill, just to make sure the Republicans could not vote for it so they could accuse the Republicans of refusing to fund the war and help the troops.

That is how it is done. And it is time we, the people put a stop to it.

First, elect people who promise, in writing, to be fiscally responsible (Tea Party candidates do so, and all others should). Then DEMAND that every bill that gets before Congress is a "straight" bill - in other words, don't tack on money for a community center in Chicago to a military funding bill. Keep it straight and honest.

Only then will we be able to see the truth about who is responsible for what.

It's really quite simple - if someone offers you a sweet treat, don't accept it if they add rat poison to it.

That is what "pork" is - it is rat poison added to the things we really need. Congress people use pork to buy votes in their district, with YOUR money. And the pork gets approved because it is attached to something important, like the military budget. One senator says to another, "I will vote for your bill if you add a sweetener for me so I can get re-elected next term - give me $10 million dollars to build swimming pools and doggie parks in my home state".

It is time to bring honesty and fiscal responsibility to our government, before the government puts us all into the poor house.


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