Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Can Arrogance End Homelessness?

In a recent ploy, President Obama offered a costly fresh effort that solemnly promises to "wipe out" all "chronic homelessness" by 2015.

A laudable ideal, to be sure.

But arrogant, and impossible. Pie in the sky. More liberal "La La Land" thinking. Another case where reality gets in the way of ideals.

I was the manager of the largest homeless shelter in New Hampshire, New Horizons, for six years. I helped put together a video documentary on homelessness. And I can tell you unequivically that there is absolutely NO way to put an end to chronic homelessness short of either killing them, or institutionalizing them - both of which are illegal.

More than 80% of chonically homeless persons have mental deficiencies - the Supreme Court ordered the release of all non-violent mentally ill people, and now they roam the streets, unable to care for themselves.

Not surprisingly, 72% of all homeless persons are dependent upon alcohol or drugs.

A large number suffer from PTSD, largely from Viet Nam or some other war-time situation.

And then there are those who simply want others to care for them, support them. Some who came to our shelter were perfectly capable of caring for themselves, but it was just easier to have us feed and house them, provide clothing, TV and snacks. We were simply enabling the lazy in many cases.

Now, I really fail to see how any liberal can, with a straight face, indicate he can cure the mentally ill, eliminate substance abuse, cure PTSD and put an end to laziness and do it all by 2015.

Frankly, I think the entire crux of his "end homelessness" plan lies in the one word that described it - COSTLY. Whatever it takes to pump money to liberal supporters - and homelessness is a social issue that employs millions of liberals (i.e. voters).

Sadly, it is as Jesus said it would be - that the poor will always be with us. There is no ending homelessness. All we really can do is try to ease the suffering of those who CANNOT care for themselves, and give a swift kick in the pants to those who refuse to.


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