Monday, July 26, 2010

Selling Our Souls?

In California, Maine and several other states they have made "medical marijuana" legal. They said it was to bring more money into the state, and create jobs.

Now, the city of Oakland California plans to begin wholesale growing, packaging and distribution of weed. Again, they say it is because it will bring in money and create jobs.

So I must ask the Oakland city council - if MURDER, INC. were to bring in millions in income, and create jobs, would Oakland also legalize murder? What about child porn - I hear there is a lot of money in that, too?

The point is, it is NOT okay to sell your morality, your principles, ethics or your soul. There is honest money, and then there is blood money.

I fail to see how the Oakland city council is doing anything different from the drug cartels that are raising so much havoc. They, too, grow, package and distribute in order to make the Benjamins.

As far as I can see, the Oakland city council - and any other community or state that caters to druggies by legalizing any drug - are nothing less than drug lords and should face the same consequences as any other drug lord.

Yes, I know the arguments - marijuana is "harmless", and people should be able to do what they want. But it is NOT harmless. It impairs your ability to react (and therefore drive, or even work) and encourages crime (Oakland has twice the murder rate of any other California city). Yes, encourages crime - if you are unable to function fully and clearly, you will not hold down a decent job. That results in having to turn to crime to make the Benjamins.

Look around - some of your friends (perhaps even yourself) are druggies. Do they do as well as they should, or could? If you want to be honest, you would have to say "no".

I am not talking about the casual "recreational" use. But weed has the inherent ability to turn casual use into steady use - even more so when it is legal and easily obtainable.

Case in point: Amsterdam (Netherlands) which made almost all drugs legal. The city went from a thriving metropolis to a dying city where nothing gets accomplished anymore. As you walk the streets you can see the empty shells of literally hundreds of people, stoned out of their minds. These people are not contributing anything to their community, their families or even themselves.

Have you been to San Francisco or Oakland lately? The same thing is happening.

And I speak from experience - I spent 11 years wrapped up in the world of weed, with many friends. And it was a downward spiral that detroyed a marriage, my business and eventually left me homeless.

No, weed is definitely not "harmless". And ANY city or state that legalizes, grows or distributes it is nothing less than a drug cartel.


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