Friday, October 17, 2008

Update On Poor Joe

Well, the folks on the left are really in a tizzy about "Joe the Plumber". His point has become so hot that the liberals are tripping over themselves (and tripping over the truth) to discredit Poor Joe. That's how important this is.

So, they spread the word that "Joe is a phony - his name isn't even Joe." Well, the truth is, his name IS Joe. But not his first name, which is Samuel. Joe doesn't care much for his first name, so like millions of other folks, he goes by his middle name. So this is just a red herring being tossed out by desperate liberals.

Then they claim that Joe the Plumber is not licensed. Actually, that's not quite true, either. He WORKS for a licensed plumber, and as such does not require any license. But the left won't tell you about that, either. Remember, they will say anything to discredit this guy.

They said Joe is not a registered voter. However, he is, and he even voted in the primary. Some in the media even said that Joe is a McCain plant - but they could not explain how that is possible, since it was Obama that walked into Joe's neighborhood, unexpectedly, and approached Joe. Not vice versa. And here is the lowest - a left-wing blogger that said McCain "planted" Joe because he is the real father of Bristol Palin's baby. That is lower than the slime on a snake's belly. But it is what we now expect from the whackos on the far left.

Then they claim he is a deadbeat because he owes property taxes. But what they do not tell you is that this is the case with many Americans struggling to pay their bills. But more important, the left-wing media conveniently avoids the fact that it is said Martin Nesbitt, the treasurer of Obama’s campaign, has tax liens. So do his companies. You’d think that matters more than the tax liens of Joe the Plumber, wouldn’t you? But good luck finding a Big Media story about Nesbitt’s liens. They won't say a word about that.

And THAT is the real injustice here. We should be able to depend upon the media as being objective, and seeking the whole truth. But that is no longer the case. The media has turned into an arm of the Democrat party. The only truth they will tell you is the part that they want you to hear. It is a case of lying by "cherry-picking" the facts they choose to present - and how they choose to present them.

I have not purchased a newspaper in several years because they will not tell the whole story. Nor do I watch network news - all three, including their hundreds of local subsidiaries - except to be able to see for myself how they slant their news with a bias that favors liberals. The way they hold back facts and distort the truth to vilify "Joe the Plumber" is just one small example of their "business as usual." And I am sick of it!

If Joe really is a phony, then present all the facts, and not innuendo. I'll believe the truth. But to call him a phony when he is not, simply to push an agenda, is unacceptable.

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