Sunday, October 5, 2008

Figures Are In

There has been a lot of talk - and concern - about all the pork-barrel spending in Washington. "Pork" is when Congress takes money from all of us, and funnels it back to just a few of us, in "special" projects. Some bright person decided to check on just how much pork each of our presidential candidates has actually requested.

In the 941 days that Barack Obama has been in the Senate, he has requested 931 million dollars in pork. About a million dollars a day.

In the 7000+ days that John McCain has been in the Senate, he has asked for - are you ready for this? - he has requested ZERO dollars for pork.

The Democrats are telling us that Mr. Obama will cut pork. The Republicans are saying Mr. McCain will cut pork.

Who do you suppose I am more apt to believe?

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