Friday, October 17, 2008

Attack On The Average Man

"Joe the Plumber" has become something of a celebrity these last few days. An average American, living on a modest income with dreams of something more. And because he had the audacity to ask Senator Obama how his tax plan would affect his dream, the liberal Democrat attack machine is tearing away at the average guy.

If you don't believe it, you have insulated yourselves. I have read numerous newpapers and blogs, watched the "Obama" commericials, and listened to the liberal media. In almost every instance they are trying desperately to discredit Joe.

EXAMPLE 1: Most are claiming Joe is not a licensed plumber. By making this statement, they hope to cast seeds of doubt in people's minds. But what they conveniently neglect to say is that Joe WORKS for a licensed plumber, and a plumber's apprentice or assistant is not a licensed position. But the liberals won't tell you that part. They would prefer to mislead you.

EXAMPLE 2: Joe is behind on his property taxes, so he is not a good example of an average American. This tends to plant seeds in empty minds that Joe is a deadbeat. What they do not tell you is that one in every five homeowners let their property taxes slide once in awhile, in order to feed their families - especially in these hard times. Or haven't the liberal elites in their ivory towers noticed that these ARE hard times. And the fact is, Joe really IS the average guy on the street, struggling desperately to keep his head above water. But to the liberals, that just makes Joe a deadbeat. They are wrong!

This is not the first time Obama and his minions have attacked average Americans. Remember Obama's speech about how we "cling to our guns and Bibles" because we, the "little people" are ignorant? Or how about Michelle Obama saying she was "never proud of my country until now."

I can tolerate a lot from the liberal spin srtists. But when they start attacking the average guy on the street simply because he has the audacity to question the Great Messiah, Obama, then that's where I draw the line, because it was not long ago that I was "Joe the Plumber". Anyone who has read my books, or know of my history know that I climbed out of homelessnes and scratched and clawed my way up to a postion of some wealth. That is the American Dream. That is the dream that Joe has. It's the dream that most American's have.

And for the Democrats to attack Joe, they are attacking that dream. Where the dream has always been, "If you work hard, you will get ahead", Obama and his crowd are trying to change that to, "If you work hard, we'll take it from you so OTHERS who have not worked as hard can get ahead at your expense."

That is not America. In fact, that is the principle of Marxism - communism.

Maybe liberal Democrats like Obama don't want to believe that a sweating working stiff, living in a modest home on a modest income, a little behind on his taxes (which, by the way, Democrats want to increase) and dreaming of something better is the "Average American". Maybe they don't think so because they live in penthouses, and make millions each year. And maybe they think that earning $250,000 a year means you are "rich". But they need a reality check.

In today's world, putting just one child through college costs upwards of $100,000. The average home costs $250,000. And $250,000 in 2008 is the equivalent of only $30,000 in 1960, when "millionaire" meant you were rich. So, if $30K in 1960 was not even close to "rich", then $250,000 today is not close, either.

Here is the Obama plan: 12 year old Bobby goes out and works up a sweat mowing lawns, while his lazy brother, Johnny watches TV and plays ball. Bobby takes his earnings to the store and buys the things he worked so hard for. Johnny cries because he does not have all those great things. So dad takes some of Bobby's hard earned goods and gives them to Johnny to make him stop whining, and Johnny goes back to watching TV. Dad figures he will have equality if he redistributes the wealth. Equality, yes. Fairness, no. Now, if you are Johnny, you would like Obama's plan because it allows you to have everything without having to earn it or pay for it - "equality" is more important than "fairness". A free ride. But if you are the AVERAGE American - Bobby (or Joe, the Plumber) - then you would have a big problem with that plan, because you believe fairness is more important than equality. And so do I.

It is important that every American has equal opportunity. But if they are unwilling to take that opportunity, or unwilling to put in the effort, then they are not entitled to an equal share of the wealth. If you want an equal share of the wealth, that's fine, but you must then put in an equal share of the effort - get educated, work hard, think straight, and use your assets wisely. If you do not do what the successful person does, you cannot expect, and do not deserve, what the successful person has. Period!

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