Friday, October 31, 2008

Have we heard this before?

Senator Obama has made no secret that he plans to take from the wealthy and give it to the poor, i.e. "spreading the wealth." He admitted it again, on ABC, stating that he stands by his "spread the wealth" comments.

“ there may be no one who lacks what he needs for a living, even though it may be necessary that the wealthy who are wildly squandering may be deprived of the right to do so, for the benefit of those who have nothing at all.”

No, those are not the same words Obama used, although it means exactly the same thing. But here is the problem - those words were spoken by Peron of Argentina, a socialist and fascist whose financial and leadership stupidity caused 3000% inflation, and a starved country.

What is truly amazing is that Obama still manages to command an almost hypnotic effect on his followers. It seems he could become an axe murderer and his followers would still see him as the Annointed One.

Does the name Jim Jones ring a bell?

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