Thursday, October 30, 2008


Since this political season has revolved largely upon a candidates associations, I thought I would chime in with my two cents worth. But first, a brief recap....

Among the questionable associations of Barak Obama are:
  • Reverend Wright, a self-proclaimed racist, bigot and anti-semite
  • William Ayers, a known domestic terrorist
  • Reverend Pfleger, another racist preacher
  • Meeks, a well-known Marxist
  • Louis Farrakahn, leader of the Nation of Islam
  • Anthony Rezko, convicted felon, convicted of "buying" politicians, among other things
  • Nadhami Auch, convicted of fraud, bagman for Saddam Hussein
  • Rashid Kahlidi, a man long known for his anti-semite beliefs, and patron of the Palestinian Liberation Org

OK, so it is a long and growing list of "bad guys", all with ties to Obama. But is it really important? Does this mean Obama shares their anti-American, anti-semite views?

Taken separately, no. But taken together, absolutely! It's like the old adage says - you are known by the company you keep. If one of your friends is a bad dude, that is not a problem - we all know bad dudes. But when MOST or ALL of a person's associates are bad dudes, and all with the same proclivities, then it becomes obvious that the person is of like mind. People are attracted to those who think as they do, and believe as they do. And they are repelled by those who are opposites of what they believe - for example, a good Christian who believes in the Bible is unlikely to have a lot of friends who are drug dealers, or anti-Christians.

Birds of a feather, if you will.

As I said, if a person has one or two questionable associates, fine. But when all of their time is spent cultivating such associations, that is a problem. A BIG problem.

If, for example, you were to learn that I am friends with drug dealers, friends with people in the KKK, and friends with people on death row, you just might get the impression that I, too, am a bad dude. Why else would I cultivate so many associations that are so questionable?

Maybe Obama is OK. Maybe. But I doubt it - there are just too many....

More important, we are talking about making someone the most powerful leader in the world - our leader. And "maybe" just isn't good enough. If I am not convinced the associations are meaningless, then I cannot vote for the man. And Obama has gone to great lengths to NOT explain those associations. And in every case, he first tried to dismiss them altogether.

Not good enough, Senator. A glib tongue is OK for a snake-oil saleman, but not enough for anyone wanting to lead America. That, my friend, requires character and good judgement. And based on who you have chosen to associate with, you do not appear to have either. And you have made no effort to quiet the growing suspicions.

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