Saturday, October 4, 2008


I was listening to the co-founder of Code Pink the other day. Code Pink and several other far-left looney groups have all stated as part of their mission that America should get rid of its military, or keep only a token military to keep order in America, so there can be "peace on Earth". Never has there been a more naive, nor dangerous thought.

Let's assume we did become a nation of peace, without any substantial military strength. Does anyone really believe there would be peace? Particularly since all other countries - and some that hate us - would still have a military. What would prevent them from just walking in and taking over? Korea, Iran, Venezuela, China, Russia, Syria would all race to see who could get here first and plant their flag on the White House lawn.

Now, for the sake of argument, let's go to La-La land with the far left and assume Code Pink could convince ALL countries to give up their military. Then we would have peace, right?
Wrong! Because then the crime lords, drug lords and street gangs would take over. Who would stop them? Code Pink? Michael Moore? Mayor Newsom? Nancy Pelosi? Barak Obama? Not likely.

The far left needs to come into the real world, a world where there are good people, and there are bad people. And you simply cannot make bad people into good people by smiling, holding hands and singing "Kumbaya" around the campfire.

They need to understand that the universe is ruled by natural laws. And the first law of nature is "survival of the fittest". And that is, indeed, a law, not just a suggestion. And as long as survival depends upon fitness and competition, there can never be peace. Nor should there ever be any lasting peace.

War is ugly. War is painful. But war is a necessary part of life. It is one of the mechanisms that nature created in us, as a driving force, to help keep the population weeded. To separate the wheat from the chaff. To determine who is strong enough to carry on the race. And to keep us from over-populating the Earth. And as the population grows, and resources become more scarce and incapable of sustaining everyone, war will become even more prevalent - and more necessary. It is nature's way.

The issue I have with Code Pink and their looney compadres is the simple fact that they want us to lose the race for survival, by default. They want us to give up our teeth, and our claws. And even a 5 year old understands that anything that has no teeth or claws is called "PREY".

In nature, you can be predator, or you can be prey. Being a predator can be a bloody choice, to be sure. But regardless of which you are, there will be bloodshed. The objective should be that the blood is someone else's.

I will be a predator, thank you. Then the blood will not be my own. Survival of the fittest. I would rather be the one to eat the rabbit than to be the rabbit that gets eaten. And don't anyone dare ask me to feel guilty about that.

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