Friday, October 17, 2008


Well, the great United States Supreme Court Jesters have done it again.

The Ohio Secretary of State has broken Federal law by refusing to do what the law requires, as far as checking for voter registration fraud. She claims she "doesn't have the time" to do her job.

The Ohio GOP sued, to force her to adhere to the law. The Appeals court agreed - she should do what the law - and her job - requires of her.

But then it gets to those clowns in the Supreme Court, and rather than rule on it, they throw the entire case out because they don't think the GOP is the right entity for bringing suit!

How dumb is that? Call me old fashioned, but where I come from the courts are supposed to insure that the lawbreakers are held to account, and that justice should prevail. And any citizen could file a complaint against a lawbreaker, and any citizen could sue.

Personally, I think it's time someone fired the entire Supreme Court and started from scratch. Believe it or not, the Constitution gives the President the right to do just that. It was done only once before in this country's history.

I think that would shake things up enough to force justices to get a Reality Check. They have become far too cocky and complacent, falsely believing that they answer to no one.

It's time we corrected them on that!

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