Saturday, October 4, 2008

Getting it Straight

Let me see - correct me if I am wrong (I'm not, because I have the videos):

2007, Biden says, "Obama is totally unqualified to be President."
2007, Biden says, "Obama's position on the war, and funding it, is 100% wrong."
June, 2008, Biden says, "I will never consider accepting the nomination for VP."

Last night, during his debate with Palin, Biden said, "Obama is the person most qualified to be President, he was 100% right on the war, and I am proud to be the VP nominee."

My question: where am I supposed to find credibility in Biden, or his ticket?

I don't really care which party holds the office. But I DO insist that whoever it is, they are HONEST, and CREDIBLE, and someone I can TRUST be be straight with me.

Of the 4 people - Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin - the only one that meets that criterion seems to be Palin. So that is where my vote must go. But please note - my vote for McCain is not a vote for McCain - it's a vote for Palin. She'll keep McCain on the straight and narrow. She must, because she plans on being America's first woman President. If McCain gets elected, and fouls it up, her future is over. So I trust she will keep his eye on the ball, and get the job done.

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