Thursday, October 23, 2008

Should Felons Vote?

During a troubled time when organizations such as ACORN are bent on destroying the American voting process, it seems only appropriate to ask if felons should be allowed to vote. Currently, two states allow felons in prison to vote, and a few other states allow ex-felons to vote. Most states do not.

My question is simple: should felons be allowed to vote? My answer is almost as simple.

Felons go to prison because they have deprived others of their rights and/or property. I do not think they should be given the opportunity to vote for the very people we entrust to protect us from such people.

There are several states that have blocked Jessica's Law, thereby protecting child molesters. And judges in at least two states tend to give child molesters probation. And the legislatures of several states have refused to enact various protections for the honest citizen, while protecting the criminals. I contend that if felons are permitted to vote, they are likely to vote for more of those who do not take crime seriously. They will vote for the politicians who will protect them, the felons, from us, the honest citizens.

They will vote for gun control, so they can rob our homes and businesses without getting shot. They will vote against Jessica's Law, or any other law that makes them pay for their crimes. They will vote to legalize pot, and other drugs. They will vote in favor of lowering the age of consent, so they can rape our children.

Felons have already shown they cannot be trusted; that they have little use for the rules of society. So why should we permit them to help make, or change those rules?

No, felons definitely should not be allowed to vote. They forfeited their rights when they took it upon themselves to deprive other people of their rights.

As a side note: neither the Constitution nor the Bill of Rights includes a right to vote. Frankly, I do not think any uninformed citizen should be allowed to vote, either. If they do not even know who the current Speaker of the House or Senate Majority leader are, then they should not be making decisions that impact the future and security of this great country.

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