Monday, October 6, 2008

A New Direction?

A young college student, as often happens in our colleges, gets involved in radical activities. It is a sort of rebellion of the youth. This particular student is smart, and ambitious. He soon discovers that radical changes cannot make any headway because the vast majority of people do not want anything to do with radicalist changes.

He also understands that the only way he will be able to effect radical changes lies in being elected to a position of great power. So, he sets his sights on politics - the only hope for radical change. He then surrounds himself and learns from the most radical people in the country, including a radical domestic terrorist, a radical organizer, and a radical preacher, all of whom call for the annihilation of "white America".

But this young man is very clever. He knows there are two ways to approach this. He can tell everyone of his radical views, and ask people to elect him so he can effect those changes. But he knows that a person who takes that road would have no chance of getting elected.

The other road is to hide his radical agenda, and by using deceit, try to fool people into thinking he is their "saviour" of sorts. He builds his platform, not on radical change, but simply on "change". That becomes his mantra. He easily builds his popularity by convincing the public that we need "change". And we do. But what the people do not know is that his idea of change is nothing like the change they envision. The people want, and expect, change in how America handles its problems. But the young politician plans radical changes that involve transforming the actual method of government.

You know this man. He is a man whose first indoctrination to religion was as a muslim. He is part Arab, part white, and a very small part black. He attended colleges that tend to be radical in nature. He learned from and was influenced by radicals such as the Black Panthers, Louis Farrakahn (Nation of Islam founder), Saul Alinski, William Ayers, Kahlid al Masour, Flager and Reverend Wright.

This man spent his entire life learning from such people, and pushing a radical agenda. Muslim leaders, radical leaders, domestic terrorists, and those who have a serious problem with "white America". Discontented haters, all. And now, today, he tries to distance himself from those associations in an effort to convince Americans that he is our "agent of change". He is taking advantage of our unhappiness with our government to deceive us into electing him as our president.

If this does not open your eyes, and scare you to death, then this deceiver will win. And America will, indeed, get "change". But when you discover, too late, what that change entails, don't say you were not warned.

But I tell you this - if throughout my life my closest associates were White Supremacists, Nazi's, and members of the KKK, you could - and definitely should - determine that I am likely to be a racist who wants to destroy other races.

Barack Obama's closest associates are radicals, from terrorist William Ayers, to radical "black racist" Rev. Wright and muslims haters of America like Nation of Islam founder Louis Farrakahn and Kahlid al Masour. Even his wife, Michelle, has expressed racist and radical views, including, "I have never been proud to be an American until now" (that my hubby is running for president). Obama has helped to organize and fund ACORN, the very group of radicals who helped push Congress into forcing lenders to give bad loans to people with bad credit - for which we are all paying today. ACORN has also been involved in several serious instances of voter fraud over the last several elections - all in favor of liberals and radicals.

The Bible tells us that false prophets, deceivers, shall come upon us and win over the hearts of the people with their deceitful ways. And they will do us great harm. The Bible even goes so far as to say these deceivers will convince the people that they are on the side of right.

Yes, you know the man. You just do not know who he really is.

No, I am not anti-Democrat. But I AM anti-deceiver. I AM against those who would radically change America to suit their racist, bigoted and radical agenda.

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