Thursday, October 18, 2007

Where is the Sense?

Success generally requires a modicum of common sense. When common sense is abandoned, we are on the wrong road. Here are some non-sensical things that lack any semblance of sense.

* Some state legislatures are passing laws that will provide free, or reduced cost, education to illegal immigrants. While that may sound OK on the surface, you should note that your kid and mine will not receive any such breaks, even though they are our schools.

* A convicted murderer will receive a $300,000 operation to save his life, paid for by the taxpayers. But one of his victims, requiring extensive surgery in order to survive, has to find a way to pay those costs herself. The taxpayers will pay for the murderer's medical care, but the victim must pay her own or go without.

* While there are thousands of non-violent criminals in our prisons, a shortage of prison space resulted in a violent convicted murderer being set free. He has since committed murder again.

* In Vermont, they made news by giving child molesters either no prison time, or very limited prison time, stating that the state of Vermont prefers to "rehabilitate" molesters. Since then, the number of violent crimes against Vermont's children has increased dramatically. Are we supposed to be surprised? It is only natural that child molesters would flock to any state that gives them a free pass.

* Certain Democrats want to provide free or subsidized medical care to families whose incomes can be as high as $83,000/year. The cost of this program would be in the billions. And who would pay? Those same $83,000/year taxpayers, because the poor do not pay taxes. So, now we pay more taxes, which leaves us poorer and more dependent upon the "system". Understand this: the poor almost invariably vote democratic, because the democrats provide them with welfare, free medical care, free it is in the best interests of democrats to make sure most people are poor, and therefore dependent upon them. Talk about a conflict of interest.

* Certain lobbyists want to remove guns from the public. Now let me see! A criminal hears that city A prohibits gun ownership, so no one can defend themselves, while city B encourages all its citizens to have guns. Now just which city do you suppose the criminal will go to? HINT: not to the one where he can get shot!

* The city of San Francisco has indicated that the United States should no longer have a military - it only causes trouble. Imagine if we eliminated the only protection we have against those who want to destroy us. Just how long do you think we would be a free country? Oh, about 5 minutes...

* There is a new staph "superbug" that has the potential to kill tens of thousands of people a year - more than aids kills. This bug was created because of our use of antibiotics - every "bug" has a few survivors from antibiotics, and they reproduce a strain that is immune to that antibiotic. So, we have no way to cure this "superbug". The plan? Come up with new antibiotics. Question: isn't that what CAUSED this problem? Shouldn't we be looking for something different? Eventually there will be no "new" antibiotics, and then we'll be in real trouble!

* Scientists are looking to create a huge "microwave" station in space that would collect sunlight, then beam to households to provide electricity. This, even after it was noted that one good solar flare can knock out all satellites (and has done so, on a smaller scale). Gee, now instead of just losing all communications with one flare, we can also lose all power needed to get those communications back up. "Centralization" - a fancy word meaning that it only takes one monkey wrench to bring everything to a screeching halt. Otherwise referred to as "putting all one's eggs into one basket."

* Some people do not want to deport criminal aliens because they have families. Hm-m-m. What about citizens who are criminal - should we give them a free pass because they have a family? A guy knocks over a liquor store, but he has a family so let's not punish him. Right.

* Certain people say they believe that it is wrong for an 11 year old to have sex, and then they provide those children with birth control. Kinda like saying, "War is wrong", then handing everyone a gun and a kevlar vest.

* Some say religion should be kept private, out of the public square. But history indicates that when an organization does not actively promote itself in public, it dies. No one joins, because they don't hear about it. Perhaps that is why every religion insists that its members "spread the word". Religion, by it very nature, requires a public venue. Those who want religion to "go away" certainly know this. That's why they try to put religion - Christianity in particular - into the closet.

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