Monday, October 22, 2007

A Question For You

You have a friend, Joe. He lives on the other side of town, next to a family you are trying to help. Now, you know that Joe doesn't have much use for the family next door, but Joe is your friend, so, in deference to his friendship with you, he cuts the family some slack and leaves them alone.

Now, you bring up a really touchy issue with Joe - you remind him that once upon a time he had done some bad things. You decided to make that information public.

Naturally, you have just pissed Joe off, big time. He no longer feels any need to ignore the family next door, and begins harrassing them, and making trouble. This makes it much more difficult for you to help that family.

My question is this: should you have intentionally angered your friend, Joe, or should you have let sleeping dogs lie?

Here is the reason I bring this up. Turkey has been a strong ally to America. In deference to the friendship between us, they have "bitten their tongue" and not actively stirred up problems with the Kurds in northern Iraq, which was, to say the least, very helpful to us.

However, the Democrats in the House of Representatives, led by Nancy Pelosi, took it upon themselves to introduce a resolution that would insult and anger Turkey, accusing them of "genocide" nearly a century ago. There can only be one reason why such a resolution would be introduced by the Democrats at this time, knowing full well the adverse effect it would have: the Democrats will do anything to make sure we lose the war in Iraq. After all, if we should win, the Republicans would come out smelling like a rose, and it would be generations before the Democrats could ever hope to control the government again. They cannot afford to have America win in Iraq.

First, they tried to stop the war by mandate. They tried to stop it using deceit. They tried defunding it with back-door methods. And failing all that, they are now actively and intentionally pissing off our allies, hoping it will usurp our efforts to win in Iraq. There can be NO other reason for insulting a needed ally with such a terrible label for something that occured before anyone here was even born. What is the purpose?

I find that about as despicable as anything I have ever encountered in my life.

When I listen to today's democrats, I wonder whatever happened to democrats who could debate in an honest way, and would state their beliefs and positions without using deceit. Great men like JFK and his brother, Bobby. I was a strong Democrat then, and proud to be one. But when the Democrats started using lies, deceit and the rewriting of history to push a secular-progressive agenda of socialism, that's when they lost me.

And the Republicans are not exactly winning my heart these days, either. They are not running true to their color.

Sure wish a real leader would emerge...before it's too late!

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