Monday, October 22, 2007


Well, I started out with nothing. And I am proud to say I still have most of it left.

Today, Chuck Norris endorsed Mike Huckabee for President.

Global Warming folks say many of our cities are going to be underwater in this coming century. I am unsure why this constitutes a problem.

Hillary says she has "millions of ideas, and America cannot afford them all." I tend to agree.

The Evening News says that a day in Iraq without bombings, death or destruction is a "no news day." Man, that sounds like news to me!

A popular drug ad says it is two times more effective than another. Let's see, the other was proven to be ineffective, so two times nothing is what?

I took a Viagra four days ago. It got caught in my throat and I have had a stiff neck ever since.

Experts say our economy is going into a slump. But I can fix that easy enough - I'll just give my wife the credit card and let her go shopping.

Scientists are looking for signs of intelligent life in the universe. Shouldn't they try to find some here, first?

A computer crash has halted ticket sales for the World Series. The Red Sox get a reprieve. (I love 'em, but I also KNOW 'em).

Darwin says Man evolved from monkeys. Darwin was living proof.

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John Lyman said...

Two points: 1. All the drug ads on TV tell you in 5 seconds what the drug will supposedly do for you. Then the spend the other 25 seconds of the ad warning you of possible problems if you take the drug.
2. Hillary seems to be able to get more done now if she cries in front of the camera.