Saturday, October 6, 2007


The latest poll asked the following question: Do you want America to LOSE the war in Iraq?

19% of Democrats said "Yes". That's one in every five Democrats that are rooting for the Terrorists to win in Iraq. Because if we lose, the other side must, by default, win. And the other side consists of people who are killing Americans, and intend to keep doing that, whether we leave or not (remember - they were killing us for 20 years before we went to Iraq).

One in five Democrats wants the terrorists to kill Americans. Because that is what must happen in order to cause us to lose.

I don't mind saying that scares the Hell out of me!

And amid all of this, Barak Obama makes a special point - a show - of removing his flag pin, saying he will not wear it again. Now, if he simply removed it in private, no one would have noticed, nor cared. But he choose to make it an issue, which can only be for political purposes. He prostituted the American flag to get votes from the far left.

Since when did the American flag become a political football for ANYONE to kick around? You can be against the war, and against President Bush if you wish. But when you make it a point to shun the American flag, you have stepped over the line. The flag is not about Bush, and it is not about the war. It is the symbol of America, land of the free, home of the brave. It is about all who fought, and all who died for our freedom over the last 230 years.

But Obama says to Hell with all that. He does not care what the flag stands for. All he cares about is winning the support of far-left loons like the folks at And if he can get that support by casting off the flag, then that is what he will do. I must wonder what - or who - else he would sell out for political convenience.

And I, for one, am damned sick and tired of people - of either party - who will toss principle, integrity and honesty out the window for the sake of getting votes. Anyone who stands for nothing except votes has no business representing us - because they won't. They will shift with the winds; change lanes at the drop of a poll. No consistency. No principles. No integrity. And from me, they will get no vote.

Obama, Clinton, Snowe and many other politicians are not providing leadership by any stretch of the imagination. They are followers. Sheep. They follow the polls and the money. Leadership is when you say, "I don't care about polls, money, or even votes - I am going to do what I believe is right. And When you check on me tomorrow, I will still be following the same principles. I will not change direction with the changing winds."

Principles do not change just because they may be unpopular. That is what makes them PRINCIPLES. And that is what makes Bush a leader. Maybe not a good one. But at least he IS a leader. Those others are just cheap imitations, taking cheap shots. They take cheap shots because they cannot win otherwise.

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