Monday, October 8, 2007

The Most Important "Success Book"

One of my daughter's young friends (my daughter is 16) asked me where she could find the rules for success, all in one place. Was there a book? After all, her family had always struggled, while our family always seemed to "have it all."

Of course there is such a book. And everyone has free access to it, no matter who they are. It is the book I have always used in creating my own successes.

It is where I learned that one must help others to get what they want, if you expect them to help you get what you want.

It is THE book on success. It teaches us to save some of this years crop so that we will have seed for next year's crop. It teaches us not to waste that seed where it cannot benefit us, such as on barren ground, or among the brambles. It teaches us that our future is only as strong and safe as the foundation upon which it is built (build your house upon the rock, not the sand).

It teaches us to cast out those things that damage us, or harm us, no matter how much it may hurt to do so. It teaches us to be tolerant and forgiving, while remaining strong and steadfast; focused.

It teaches us to leave some of our harvest behind, for the less fortunate of God's creatures (being charitable). It teaches us to be humble. It teaches us to become an asset to those around us, so that they will protect us from harm. ("Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.")

Yes, there is a book that teaches the principles of success. It is called the Bible.

Don't get me wrong - you do not have to be religious in order to learn success from the Bible (though being religious is helpful). You need only recognize the truth when you see it. Every principle of success that you need is right there in the New Testament.

You do not have to read it as though it is a religious text - if you must, simply read it as though it is simply a book that teaches success. But DO read it, and learn it, for if you do not, then you should not expect to achieve the success you deserve and desire.

Read it. Follow the principles. Do that, and success is assured.

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