Monday, October 8, 2007

Failure to Accept Reality (or Who's The Boss)

A news report this morning was quite distressing - people in Denver were violently objecting to a Columbus Day parade, and calling Ol' Chris a "monster".

It seems that a lot of folks in Denver have a huge gap in both their history, and reality.

Apparently, they believe that a man who pioneers, explores and discovers is a "monster". That is absurd. Columbus discovered the west. He did not conquer it - others did that. In fact, Chris did not even land on American shores - he landed in the West Indies. Yet, these uneducated people, brainwashed by liberal thinkers, seem to be unaware of the reality, and blindly accept fallacy.

OK, so the white man came, conquered, and native Americans lost the battle. But does that give today's native Americans cause for complaint? Of course not - that is how life works. The first law of nature is survival of the fittest, the strongest, the smartest. Native Americans were not prepared to survive against the onslaught of more powerful forces. They lost. They really need to accept it.

Imagine if the descendants of any race that lost its bid for being "top dog" were to demand that their heritage be returned to them. Think about that - nearly every one of us would be among them.

The native Americans. The blacks. The Japanese, The VietNamese. The Irish. The Romans. The Macedonians. The Hebrews. The Arabs.

You name it - every one of us is a descendant of a race that, at one time or another, was subdued by a stronger ethnic group.

It simply is not possible to give back everything that everyone lost - nor should we. After all, there are some countries that have been "lost" many times - who do we give those to?

Those "complainers" need to wake up and accept the reality of what is. Cowboys 1, Indians 0. Make the best of it. In every game, someone must win, and someone must lose. What these complainers are saying is that we shouldn't even be playing the game at all. And that is warped thinking. If the game is not played, progress cannot happen. And the strong will not survive, which weakens all of Mankind.

Here's a thought: why don't we simply accept the fact that we are all in this together. We all must live on this little blue marble in the universe. We are not merely native Americans, or blacks, or Arabs, or Orientals. We are not merely Christians, Jews, Muslims or Buddhists. We are something must greater. Much stronger. Much better. We are MANKIND.

By separating ourselves into pathetic groups, we weaken ourselves. Together, we grow. Separate, we are weak, and will die. It's like the human body. If each part were to separate itself from the whole, each seeking its own future, the body would die.

These complainers are like fingers or toes, complaining they are only fingers or toes. So they want to set themselves apart. Apart from the whole, neither can survive.

Hm-m-m...brings to mind that old joke about the brain and the rectum, both thinking they deserve to run things. The brain said, as the thinker, it should run things. So, the rectum closed itself, refusing to let anything pass. Before long, the brain screamed for mercy, and gave in. Which only proves you do not have to be a brain to be the boss - you only need to be a rectum!

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