Monday, October 22, 2007

Unbelievable - literally

A couple years ago, a commentator on the network news said that, while the news coming out of Iraq was bad, it would be real news if a day were to go by without any bombings, death and destruction.

I had to agree - that would, indeed, be news.

Well, the other day it turned out that there were no bombings, death or destruction in Iraq for the entire day. And that evening, the network news stated that there "was no news from Iraq."

Strange. When something really newsworthy occurs on the Iraq front, the network news ignores it because it's not the news they want to hear - it simply does not fit their agenda.

And to think I used to believe the network news was supposed to give the consumer an objective view.

It would appear that having any faith in network news is not something a success-oriented person would have. Success requires truth - something network news and the big print media seems to be struggling with, to put it kindly. I do not think they know what "objective" means. And "truth" seems to escape them, as well.

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