Monday, October 8, 2007

A Secret of Success

There are many "secrets" of success. Most are not really secrets, but this one appears to be, because so few people seem to be applying it. Perhaps that is why so few people succeed to any great degree.

No man is an island. We have all heard that. But did you know it is the basis for success?

Let's say you are wealthy. You keep your wealth to yourself. But then, as often happens, you experience a reversal of fortune - you lose your wealth. Who do you turn to, if everyone in your circle is also poor? Who will bouy you up, and help you regain your wealth? And why would they?

On the other hand, let's say you are wealthy, and you share or use some of that wealth to help those around you to prosper and grow rich. Now if you begin to sink, you will have a circle who can use what you gave them to help bouy you up, and help you regain your position.

Think of your "circle" of friends and associates as a life preserver. If you do not inflate it, it cannot keep you afloat.

So, just how can you apply this, especially if you may not (yet) be wealthy? It's simple: you share yourself with others. You become an asset to them. Be there when they need you. Offer your help. Your time. Whatever you can do to give them a boost will add bouyancy to your life preserver. Over time, you can build a powerful circle who, separately, may not be able to do much for you, but together, they may have the power to make you wealthy.


Let us assume you are a car salesman, making $50K a year. If you start empowering a large circle, you will build greater income. The people you help, those that consider you a valuable friend and asset, will come to you when they need a new car. The bigger you grow your circle, the more sales you will make, and the richer you will become.

As your wealth grows, you find yourself in the position to be able to grow your circle even larger, and richer. And your wealth grows accordingly.

If you want to achieve wealth and success, the most important step you can take is to become a valuable asset to as many people as possible.

After all, if you have one friend who will give you a dollar, you won't have much. But if you have a million friends, each of whom will give you a dollar, you will have a million bucks.

Bill Gates, of Microsoft, is the wealthiest person in the world. And that is directly related to the fact that, through his Windows operating systems, he has been a great asset to billions of people. By making their lives better, richer, fuller, easier, Bill Gates has billions of people rushing to buy his products and services.

You may never impact billions of people, but I guarantee you can impact many more people than you currently have in your circle.

Expand the circle of people that consider you a friend and asset, and you will expand your success.

Try it. It takes time. It takes thought. It takes a positive attitude. It requires a smile, and a sincere willingness to help others, every chance you get. But those are things that even a poor person can do to help better himself.

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