Thursday, October 25, 2007

Blind Environmentalists

I believe strongly in protecting the environment - after all, this is the only planet we have. But I just as strongly disagree with many "environmentalists", simply because they are so busy looking at the trees that they cannot see the forest.

Here's an example: Environmentalists will not permit the cleaning up of dead wood and brush in California, even though it makes wildfires far less likely. The envoroinmentalists think that fire is a natural cleansing, and we should let nature take its course. Now, remember that these same environmentalists are screaming that we need to reduce carbon emissions because of "global warming".

Now - and you should think about this - those wildfires in Southern California, burning those trees, have cast 25 million tons of carbon emissions into the atmosphere in just 4 days. That's more emissions than all the cars in Californias give off in an entire year. Moreover, those fires will, later in the season, be the cause of mudslides that will do even more damage. And all those damaged properties will be rebuilt, using even more resources whose use could have been avoided.

The "blind environmentalists" simply do not understand nature, nor do they seem to be able to look past their noses. In an attempt to protect nature, they are helping to destroy it.

In other circles, it is called "cutting off your nose to spite your face."

In yet another instance, you may recall the "greenies" who, over the years, have set fire to many new home developments, in an effort to "protest" those who "violate" the environment. But in the act of burning, they did 2.7 times more damage to the environment than did those who were building the developments.

Sure, let's care for our environment. But let's not do it blindly. Those who let their emotions run rampant and cause them to be myopic should stay out of the fray - they do more harm than good!

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