Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Why Obama's "Fair Share" Argument Is Bogus

OK, I don't know about you, but I'm really tired of hearing this "fair share" crap, particularly since the entire concept is based on a fallacy.

I'm not saying Buffet doesn't pay a smaller percentage of taxes than his secretary.  But that is the bogus argument being used by the left. Here's why...

Liberals like Obama are trying to convince the public that the rich should pay more because the PERCENTAGE that investors pay in taxes is less than that of working stiffs. And while that is true, it is also a bogus argument.

It's not about percentages, as the liberals claim. It's about DOLLARS. The government does not run on percentage - it runs on dollars. So the real story is that a Buffet who pays 15% vs his secretary paying 28% is, in fact, that a Buffet pays millions while his secretary pays thousands, or maybe even hundreds.

Percentage does not matter - percentages are a liberal lie. What matters is dollars.

Here is an example - 47% of Americans paid zero taxes, while Mitt Romney paid $6.4 million. Now, assuming a middle class secretary earns $100K and pays $28,000, what we have is one person who pays $28,000 and one who pays $6,400,000.

Both use the same roads, airports, schools etc. But while Romney only pays 15% and the secretary pays 28%, the truth of the matter is that Romney is paying 300 times more taxes than the secretary. 300 TIMES MORE!

Romney is paying as much tax as 300 secretaries earning $100,000 each.

But the left says Romney is not paying his "fair share".

Meanwhile, we still have 47% of Americans who pay no tax at all. They use the same roads, schools, hospitals etc. And most of them also get freebies from the government such as food stamps, fuel assistance, WIC etc. (which Romney cannot get).

So tell me - if one person gets as many, if not more benefits than another person, why are they not BOTH paying taxes? Why should half of all Americans carry another person through life (Romney is carrying 300)? Why should one person pay nothing while another person pays his own freight PLUS that of someone else?

I would wager a years' salary that if the tax on the rich were to be doubled, it would not be long before the liberals would again start wailing that the rich are not paying their fair share. I remember when the highest rate was 95% and liberals STILL were not happy.

I've said it before - if anyone in the 99% wants any part of what I have worked so hard to achieve, then let them do what I did. I was born poor. But I worked my butt off to get where I am, and now some lazy SOB who never worked harder than clicking a remote thinks I should also support HIS butt.

And I'm damned tired of it! And I'm damned tired of listening to the likes of Obama injecting class warfare to get people fired up to steal what I have.


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