Thursday, January 5, 2012

Now The Liberal Media Is Making Fun Of Romney's Real Name...

It's Willard.

Big deal.

I am not a Romney fan by any means. But it galls me that the very same liberal media (like the Huffington Post and AOL, to name just two) who castigated people for calling Obama by HIS real name - Barack Hussein Obama - are now trying to make a big deal out of Romney's real name. Such hypocrisy is expected from the left, but it only proves how desperate - and dumb - they are, and to what lengths they will go to change the subject from the abysmal economy and the over-regulation and high unemployment for which Barack Hussein Obama is responsible - he is, after all, the Captain of the ship.

A note to the libs who think it somehow lifts them to a higher level in the conversation to make fun of anyone's name - it doesn't. It only makes you look even more foolish than we already know you are. You do not need to keep proving it over and over again.


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