Friday, January 20, 2012

Another Example Of Liberal Political Correctness Run Amok...

Science has taught us that liberal thought tends to be illogical and irrational. And this latest example proves that beyond any doubt.

In the American west (and even in the early days of the east), there has been a large predatory cat. It carries the name of COUGAR. Also known as a mountain lion, or even a puma.

It has been a cougar for centuries.

But a liberal school board in Utah has rejected the name of "cougars" for its school mascot, calling it "offensive to women."

It seems that women in mid-life crisis are recently known as "cougars". Big deal. The point is, calling a woman a "cougar" is what is offensive, not calling a big cat a cougar.

If liberals think "cougar" belittles women, then perhaps they should stop calling women cougars. But even if they insist on doing so, liberal PC-ers should take note - for women, it is only a degrading nickname of recent descent. Long before that, and even to this day, it is the REAL name of a proud predatory big cat.

If anyone is guilty of offending women, it is not the school kids who want the cougar (big cat) as a mascot. No, the ones who are insulting women are those who call women "cougars" in an attempt to show them as "hungry predators", and those who think the first thing we should think of when we hear "cougar" is a hot-to-trot middle aged women seeking her lost youth by preying on young men.


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