Thursday, January 19, 2012

The "Liberal Filter" - Why Liberals Spin So Much...

Most non-liberals are painfully aware that liberals spin - a LOT! But is it intentional, or is it just the way they view the world?

Science has already proven there is a vast difference in the thought processes of people who primarily use the right side of the brain and those who use the left side. Conservatives are left-brain thinkers, while liberals use the right side primarily. Left side is analytical, while right side is more creative. So, artsy folks are more apt to be liberal (think Greenwich Village or Hollywood) while people like farmers who need to be more analytical are most apt to be conservative.

But science has also proven that those who use the right brain are also less rational and are less logical. A couple of great reasons not to let them work on budgets or foreign affairs too much.

The right brain seems to give liberals a sort of "filter" through which they view the world, and it is this filter that causes them to spin (although sometimes it is just dishonesty for idealogical reasons, as it is with Debbie Wasserman-Schultz). As an example, when someone says, "Jesus walked on water", a liberal might very well hear, "Jesus could not swim." What they hear and see must fit into their preconceived perceptions. If it does not, they need to try and understand it by spinning it into something that does fit their perception.

When Gingrich says "poor familes", liberals hear "black people", or "minorities", because that is what they perceive - when a liberal thinks of poverty, they think of minority ghettos. It's their preconception. So, when Gingrich said "poor families", liberals like Juan Williams thought it to be a slam against minorities. They see racism, because that is what their filter makes them see.

When Gingrich says, "Let poor kids work to earn money to be less poor,", liberals hear, "Gingrich wants to repeal child labor laws and enslave our children."

And when Gingrich mentioned Obama as "the food stamp president", he simply meant (and said) that Obama presided over the largest consumption of food stamps in history. But the liberal filter makes liberals believe he was "belittling" those on food stamps, and belittling minorities. They simply cannot see that 40% of food stamp users are white, or that it is not a slam to the poor - it is a slam to the policies that MADE people poor.

So, the next time your liberal friend says something irrational that is not exactly factual, just smile and chalk it up to the liberal filter. Because no matter what you do or say, they will never see the reality - the filter will not let them.


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