Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Is Juan Williams A Closet Racist?

Over the years I have given Juan Williams, Fox New analyst, a fair amount of respect. But over the last several months I have been noticing that Mr. Williams keeps sneaking race into issues that are not about race at all.

I have said this many times, and it holds true - the first person to bring race into an issue is the racist (no, I am not injecting race - this blog is being written because Williams did).

As an example, Newt Gingrich proposed that children from poor families be allowed to work and earn money, and to develop a work ethic. Mr. Williams immediately brings race into it, saying Gingrich has introduced race. He did not. He never mentioned race. He mentioned POOR PEOPLE. And there are poor whites as well as poor blacks - a point that seems to escape Williams. Williams also accused Gingrich of saying such people were lazy, but Mr. Gingrich said no such thing. He simply said these children need to DEVELOP a work ethic. But that is true of ALL children, as no one is born with a work ethic. Most children live in families where they can learn a work ethic. But that is less true in poor families, where work is less than consistent (which is why they are poor). And again, it is about POVERTY. But williams makes it about race.

Mr. Gingrich goes on to say Obama is the food stamp president. And Mr Williams immediately infers Gingrich is again slamming minorities, and introducing race. But what again escapes Mr Williams is that 40% of families who use food stamps are white. So again, it is about POVERTY, not race.

But Mr Williams and his liberal friends insist on claiming it is about race. That is because THEY are the true racists - injecting race where it does not belong.

Either they know it is not about race, and are trying to paint the candidates as racists, or they do not know it and therefore have no business commenting on it in the first place.


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Anonymous said...

I am also losing respect for Juan Williams. I really like the guy even though I don't always agree with his statements. However he has been playing the race card lately. The Newt debate was a perfect example. As a white teenager, I worked as a janitor while in High School for extra money and have no regrets. It seemed like Juan was insulted by such an idea leaving one to think Newt was suggesting black kids do janitorial work. That idea is crazy and was not implied at all. My gosh, black people are so darn sensitive and can not accept suggestions that instill good work ethics. The comment by Newt was not directed at black people. Juan seemed to take it personally. There's nothing wrong with young adults working odd jobs that get their hands a little dirty. It's not a black thing.