Thursday, January 19, 2012

Divine Intervention? Bunny Dies, Then Resuscitated

As most of you know, I believe in being as prepared as possible for just about any bad news that might come down the pike. To that end, I raise rabbits.

12 days ago one of the does gave birth to 8 glorious little ones.

When I checked on the buns first thing in the morning as I always do, I noticed a small fluff of white in the corner of the cage. I reached in and removed a frozen baby bunny. Last night, the coldest of the year (below zero), he had managed to leave the warm, heated nest box and he froze to death.

As I held him in my palm, I could feel how cold he was - cold and stiff. I was ready to dispose of him when a voice inside said, "No."

I brought him into the house, held him near the woodstove for heat and poking his chest to try and get his little heart beating. After nearly an hour of this, I was ready to give up. He was dead. But as I headed for the door to dispose of him, one tiny paw moved almost imperceptibly. I could not believe it.

I kept him warm, and kept poking his chest. He was still ice cold, but gradually began to move. After almost another hour, he seemed almost normal, and was even squeaking as baby rabbits often do. I think he was saying, "Hey, buddy, stop poking me." I then put a spot on his head with a red Sharpie so I could monitor him.

I placed him back with his siblings, and checked on him throughout the day, and I am pleased to tell you he is doing well. Truly a miracle bunny.

And to think the only thing between life and death was a little voice that said, "No." Divine intervention?


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