Friday, January 27, 2012

How To Win The White House - Candidates Take Note...

If Republicans want to win the White House - AND CONGRESS - this year, they need to stop letting the media distract them from the real issues people care about and focus on those issues. Republican candidates need to stop wasting their time bickering over meaningless drivel like Bain, Freddie Mac, whose father was born in Mexico, tax returns, and who prefers raspberry jello.

Most of the media are liberal, and they intend to keep Republicans focused on foolishness. Have you ever seen a dog fight? Two dogs fight tooth and nail, beating each other up. The winner limps away, tired, weak and scarred. He is NOT stronger for it. Then that "winner" is put into a pit with a fresh, well-rested dog . Who do you think will win?

Well, that is what the liberal media and debate moderators are doing. They get Republicans at each other's throats in the hope they will be too weak to take on Obama.

The candidates need to stop letting the media get away with that. Newt was right - stop fighting amongst yourselves and take on the ISSUES that will beat Obama, regardless of who the eventual nominee is.

Any Republican who focuses on the following 5 issues without allowing the media to distract him will win the nomination and then the White House:

1. Jobs - in spite of minimal gains, there has been a net loss. Most jobs created under Obama are government jobs, which are a net loss because those salaries are paid from taxes, not from producing anything. When you take from Peter to pay Paul, there is no gain - only a transfer. State SPECIFICS on how you will address this - reduce regulations, reduce corporate tax rate, get the Hell outta the way

2. Energy - Keystone, offshore drilling, natural gas. Address the price of gasoline doubling since Obama took office. Energy costs suffocate job growth because all products/services need energy.

3. States' Rights - the government needs to stop suing states as if states were subserviant to the government. Under the 10th Amendment state's rights are even stronger than federal rights. The progression of power was decided by the forefathers to rest first with the people, then the states, and then the government, not vice versa.

4. Debt & deficit - they must be cut with REAL cuts, not just make-believe cuts in projected increases. Exactly how would you accomplish that?

5. ObamaCare - must be repealed and a new, better plan offered. Plan should include increased competition (buy across state lines), tort reform and incentives to live healthier. For example, a tax on unhealthy foods with that money used to reduce the cost of healthier choices. Currently the healthiest foods are the most expensive.

Focus on the real issues, not on the phony issues created by the media and your campaign hacks. It does no good to win the nomination only to lose the general election.


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