Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Who is a bigger threat than Iran or China? Find out here...

Lookout, folks - a large corporation is determined to collect and compile every piece of data about you that they can - and it may not be kept private.

Google announced changes to its privacy policies that will allow the web giant to merge user data collected across multiple services. And you CANNOT OPT OUT! This includes Google+, Gmail, YouTube, Google search and Google Maps. Every time you use any of their services, they will collect the data, compile it with data collected from your use of other services and use it to profile - and TARGET - you. The more they know about you, the better they can set you up to be targeted by marketers and anyone else who wants to use that info.

The Washington Post's Cecilia Kang notes, "Privacy advocates say Google's changes betray users who are not accustomed to having their information shared across different Web sites. A user of Gmail, for instance, may send messages about a private meeting with a colleague and may not want the location of that meeting to be thrown into Google's massive cauldron of data or used for Google's maps application."

I've said it before on this blog, folks - Google is becoming the biggest threat to the American way of life.


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