Friday, January 20, 2012

Something to think about this election cycle...

Two of the biggest concerns for American voters is jobs and the deficit and debt. So before you go to the polls, just know this...

In the entire history of this country the budget was never balanced for two consecutive years until Gingrich took control of the house and the budget. During his tenure, he balanced America's budget for FOUR consecutive years. A first in the history of the nation, and the only reason President Clinton could lay claim to a surplus.

Know, too, that since Gingrich left office the budget has not been balanced even once.

And then add this factoid - as of today, the deficit has surpassed 100% of GDP - a first in the history of this nation. In other words, we spend more than we even produce as an entirety.

So, if our financial future - which includes jobs - is important to you, think about that. Of course, if you are a liberal you would probably prefer to think about his personal issues. As for me, I want the country to be made well again, and if I have to vote for a cad to get that done, then so be it.


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