Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Please Remind Me Why We Need Unions?

Back at the turn of the 20th century, businesses would often take undue advantage of workers, offering low wages, no benefits and even the use of child labor. To protect themselves from such abuses, workers began to form unions. A good thing.

At first.

Today, unions have trespassed far beyond the bounds of preventing abuse of the worker, and is now guilty of abusing the businesses - and dues payers and tax payers.

Today, we have laws that prevent too-low wages. We have laws to prevent child labor. We have laws that, for all intents and purposes do what the unions were created to do. So, now that we have those laws protecting laborers and preventing abuse, exactly WHY do we still need unions, and why do we allow them to control us all, and steal our wealth?

Here is just one example: In Michigan the SEIU (union) pressured the Democratic legislature to pass a law that requires special needs kids to pay union dues - to the tune of $6 million a year. The state checks issued to special needs families to help support special needs kids are being automatically deducted of union dues. Why? What benefit is the union providing to these kids? And why should anyone too young to even work be required to pay union dues?

$6,000,000 that was supposed to help special needs kids is ending up in union coffers each year. And that is only one, small example of union abuse in just one state!

If there is a legitimate need for unions today, I fail to see what it is. They have become highwaymen, robbing everyone - businesses, taxpayers and dues payers alike - to fulfill their own agenda of stuffing themselves with our money while turning America into a socialist state.

It is time to break up and ban ALL unions. If workers need protection, that is the job of Congress to provide those protections, as they have done.


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