Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Do Nothing Congress? Really? An Honest Look...

President Obama and the Democrats are campaigning heavily on the "do nothing Congress" platform. The liberal media (which is 87% of all media) are playing the same tune, trying to convince the public that the President is doing all the right things, but "Congress" won't do their part - mainly because of those darned Republicans who block everything.

But let's take an honest look for a change.

The Republican controlled house has passed 22 bills - including budgets and bills to help businesses create jobs - this year. Those bills have been sent to the Democrat controlled Senate. Where they sit, while the crickets chirp. Not one of those bills was even put to the floor for a vote. In fact, in the three plus years the Democrats have controlled the Senate, they have not even passed a single budget. Not one.

Meanwhile, the Republican controlled house keeps trying to get things done. And all the while the Democrats in the Senate, led by Sir Harry Reid, sit on their thumbs, making believe that they are seriously trying to get things done.

So the fact is, we do not have a "do nothing Congress". What we have is a "do nothing Senate". We should not be blaming everyone for the refusal of the few to let things get done. And we certainly should not let the President, the Democrats or the media to lie to us about who is responsible for the gridlock.

The Republicans are passing bills. The Democrats are not. And that is a fact you will never hear in the "mainstream media". Go to the Congressional Record and see for yourself.

If we, the people want our government to get back to work and do the right thing by us, what we really need to do is replace those who are responsible for inaction - the Democrat Senate and the President. And if you REALLY want more honesty being reported so you actually have the facts, each of us should boycott EVERY branch of the mainstream media. Don't by the liberal newspapers, or watch the liberal news stations. Do that, and they will be forced to become more honest and objective, or go bankrupt. Then, and only then will Americans be able to make the best decisions, because then the decisions will be based on truth, and not political spin.


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