Friday, November 11, 2011

Is Mitt Romney The John McCain of 2012?...

Every day I hear Democrat pundits and strategists telling everyone that Romney would be the Republicans' best bet to beat Obama. In fact, they push it to the extreme, and belittle every other Republican candidate. It's as if the are actually rooting for Romney to win the Republican primary.

They are.

The Democrats fully understand that Obama would easily beat Romney in the general election, regardless of what the polls say, because Obama would tear Romney apart in debates. He would thank Romney for helping design ObamaCare. He would point out that Romney was pro-choice until he decided he could win votes by becoming pro-life. And it has not escaped Obama's attention that no matter what has transpired, Romney's poll numbers have never varied from the low to mid 20's. No matter what. And that makes Romney the John McCain of 2012 - a far-too-moderate who cannot galvanize the conservatives. A RiNO (Republican in Name Only).

Remember - Romney was governor of the bluest of all states. A Republican doesn't get elected in Kennedy country unless he is Democrat lite, and willing to flip-flop at the toss of a voting lever.

The horror of it is that too many Republican pundits BELIEVE what the Democrat pundits are saying, and rally around Romney as though he were the second coming of Reagan. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Hey Republicans, get your heads outta your butts and stop believing what the Democrat pundits are pushing. If Romney wins the primary, Obama will be president for 4 more years.

So, who should Republicans consider? Far be it from me to pick one out of the crowd. I just know who I think would be most apt to a) beat Obama in any and all debates, b) have solutions for fixing what's wrong, and c) has demonstrated enough leadership ability to make it happen. OK, so he has baggage from 15 years ago, but if he can mend this country, I really don't give a damn if he used to be a womanizer. Hell, if he'll fix things, I'd vote for Attilla the Hun. Time enough to seek out a "perfect" person after we get things back on track.

And, thankfully, recent polls indicate that more and more voters are starting to catch on. A year ago I wrote that it would be unwise to write Gingrich off. And last month when everyone was saying he was toast, I wrote that he was apt to be the "last man standing."

And he may well be. OK, so he's not perfect. But he has 10 times the chance of beating Obama than Romney has. And you know where he stands.


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