Thursday, November 10, 2011

Bank of America Has A New Way To Screw Unemployed...

Bank of America has yet another sneaky, insidious way to put the screws to people - this time, the unemployed.

You see, BofA has a contract with the government in many states, whereby a person's unemployment benefits are deposited into the bank, and the person gets a prepaid debit card.

And this is where it gets rotten...

To draw their own money out, an unemployed person must actually visit a BofA branch, or they can use an ATM.

And therein lies the problem - most small communities do not have a BofA branch, so the unemployed must use ATM's - and BofA charges a fee for using any non-BofA ATM.

If you are unemployed, live in a rural community that does not have a BofA branch or a BofA ATM, then you pay heavy fees to get your unemployment benefits.

Yes, the person could drive to a city that has BofA, but the gas for that would eat even more heavily into their already-too-small benefits.

For many years BofA, CitiBank and other large banking institutions have been mercilessly raping the public financially. And in this case, they are aided by the government, which awards these contracts.

When America was founded, banks were not even allowed to operate here. The founders knew they were dangerous to a person's wealth.

Pretty smart guys, those Founding Fathers.


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