Monday, November 14, 2011

A New Huffington Post/AOL Lie Exposed...

Today the HuffPost ran a story with the headline, "New Witness In Cain Controversy." However, the "witness" is not even close to having witnessed anything at all. In fact, the story later states, "Later that year, Zuckerman said, Bialek told him that Cain inappropriately touched her when, at Zuckerman's suggestion, she met him in Washington to seek employment help."

So, HuffPost, along with the ambulance-chasing Gloria Allred both seem to think that someone who was not there, and could not have witnessed anything, is somehow a "witness".

Here is the real truth behind this liberal attempt to smear a conservative - Allred knows the accusation is phony, but does not care. She only wants to discredit someone that liberals view as a threat - just as she did with Meg Whitman. By bringing this non-witness out, she is merely attempting to drag this non-story out for as long as she can, knowing that, eventually, if she drips and drabs it, people will begin to believe it.

The longer she can keep it - and herself - in the news, the better she likes it.


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