Saturday, November 5, 2011

Here is an intriguing question for thinking people to dwell upon...

While this question may seem superfluous, please understand that it is relevant to today, as you will see below.

So here's the situation, and the question:

You and your friends do not like, or approve of, a certain activity being performed by ACME Company, so you pressure your lawmakers to make it illegal. As it turns out, making it illegal results in unintended consequences that hurt you. Who do you blame?

If you blame ACME, note that ACME is only doing what was ordered by the lawmakers. If you blame the lawmakers, bear in mind they only did what you and your friends pressured them into. So, if you are a person who believes in personal responsibility, you would have to blame yourself and your friends - you instigated everything.

Fast forward to Occupy Wall Street and their uninformed cronies.

They are angry at BANKS and WALL STREET and blame them for their economic troubles. But let's look at it honestly...

STEP 1: In the 1970's, liberal activists and community organizers (most notably ACORN) forced lawmakers to enact the Community Reinvestment Act, signed by Jimmy Carter. This law literally forced banks to make loans to people who were poor credit risks. It was "social justice".

STEP 2: In 1998 Bill Clinton signed the Bliley Bill, which literally ordered banks to issue at least 50% of all mortgages and loans to people with poor credit and little income. Again, this was because liberals wanted the poor to have the same as the rich. "Social Justice." The problem, of course, is that the poor could not afford to pay for it.

STEP 3: Banks are in business to make money. That is their only purpose. No one goes into business saying, "Gee, let's lose money!". But being forced to make risky loans placed banks in a position to lose a lot of money, since many of those low income borrowers would default. Now, as any business knows, you can reduce your overall risk by "bundling". In other words, if you hold one risky mortgage and it defaults, you lose 100%. But if you hold 100 of them, and ten default, you only lose 10%. So, to protect themselves, they turned those mortgages over to Fannie Mae to be bundled, creating "derivatives" that investors on Wall Street could invest in.

STEP 4: Eventually, the house of cards collapses, and too many of those risky loans are going into default, and foreclosures rise dramatically. The economy collapses.

Instead of going back to the beginning to find what really caused it, liberal activists had to find a scapegoat to blame, since they did not want to blame their "social justice" Driven by the activists, both lawmakers and the folks only went back one or two steps, and blamed Wall Street and the banks.

But as we saw in the earlier scenario, Wall Street and banks were only doing what they are supposed to do, and required to do by law. So, if you go back a third step you would blame lawmakers - had they not passed the Bliley Bill and the Community Reinvestment Acts, this could not have happened, because those risky loans would never have been made.

But we really need to go back to the first step - where liberal community organizers pressured Congress into passing those laws. THEY are the real culprits here. Had the commu nity organizers not forced Congress into their warped sense of "social justice", none of this would have happened. None of it.

So, now we have these same idiot "social justice" liberals at Occupy Wall Street who are so misinformed and downright ignorant that they are holding Wall Street and Banks responsible for what THEY, THEMSELVES caused. It was they, and those like them that forced lawmakers to pass the laws that forced banks to make risky loans, which forced banks and Wall Street to bundle them, which in turn helped collapse the House Of Cards created by FDR (when he created Fannie Mae, who was, after all, the "bundler" of record).

Wall Street is responsible only to the extent that they have, like all businesses, one reason to exist - making profits. That is the very nature of business. No one would go into business to lose money.

Banks are responsible only to the extent that, by nature, they had to protect themselves from defaults.

Lawmakers are responsible only to the extent that they are driven by the next election, and not by what is good for America.

But ultimately, it is the people who caused it all - those liberal community organizers and rabble-rousers like ACORN and Occupy Wall Street that are responsible. Their quest for "social justice" is what caused every ounce of this.

So I find it more than ironinc that the liberal "social justice" set who caused this are now blaming the victims of what their "social justice set" has done.

If the morons at OWS had half a brain and would actually take a few moments to find out the real reason for todays' economic mess, they would not be blaming the banks or Wall Street. They would, instead, understand that they, and their quest for "social justice" are to blame.

We are all "created equal". But nature does not permit us all to remain that way. In life there must be winners, so that the species can survive (survival of the fittest). In order to have winners, you must also have losers. That is a fact of life. But "social justice" idiots don't think anyone should be a loser - everyone has to win.

And that just is not possible. If no one loses, what can possibly be won? Anyone who has ever played a hand of poker, or purchased a lottery tickets understands that.


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