Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Don't Listen To What They Say - Watch What They DO!...

It never ceases to amaze me that so many Republicans allow Democrats to lead them astray. I'm talking about those Republicans who BELIEVE Democrats when they say they would be happy to have Gingrich as the nominee because THEY think Romney would beat Obama.

BULL! They do not believe any such thing. One of the first tenets of the Democrat play book is to use reverse psychology. They know full well that if enough of them say Gingrich would be easy to beat, a lot of Republicans will think they are being sincere, and would then vote for Romney because they don't want to vote for someone who is supposedly easy to beat.

In other words, folks - the Democrats are deathly afraid of Gingrich and would rather run against Romney. They know Obama cannot stand against Gingrich in a debate. They know Obama would have a field day with all of Romney's flip-flops, and RomneyCare. And they have seen Romney get flustered more than once in the Republican debates.

And they saw Gingrich was solid, and had the right answers. They saw Gingrich will not allow the media or the Democrats to control the conversation. They saw he actually has solutions and that he is rising rapidly in the polls as people catch on to those solutions.

Yes, the Democrats know Gingrich can pummel Obama in the debates and election. So they try to convince Republicans to vote for Romney in the primaries. And they know the best way to do that is to convince Republicans that Romney would be the bigger threat.

I know - you say Gingrich has too much "baggage". But does he, really? Or is that another ploy to convince Repubs to abandon Gingrich?

Yes, Gingrich cheated on his wife 15 years ago and divorced her to marry his mistress. But most fair-minded people realize that WAS 15 years ago. Since then, Gingrich has matured, connected with a strong faith in God and has spent years seeking forgiveness. His actions of the last 15 years show that. And most people can forgive if a person is truly repentent.

And the money he got from Freddie Mac? He was a civilian at the time. Freddie Mac offered to pay him for consulting services. Most people understand that, when someone offers to pay you well for your services, it's fair to accept. Imagine if lawyers refused to represent the guilty! Their job is to represent the accused, regardless of guilt. It's the same here - Gingrich did not have to agree with Freddie Mac in order to provide services to them. And in no case was their any lobbying. They offered to pay for his services, and he accepted the job.

And his stance on immigration? Contrary to what some are wrongly saying, he is not proposing blanket amnesty, nor a path to citizenship. He has made that clear, but pundits who want Romney to win the primaries (both Dems and Repubs) are muddying up the water and trying to convince us that Gingrich wants amnesty and citizenship for illegals, which is blatantly false. He stated he wants a fence, wants the National Guard on the border and wants employers to be prosecuted for knowingly hiring illegals. But he also wants America to be compassionate when it comes to those who have been here a long time, whose kids are citizens and have been educated here. If they have a long history of being good people, the kind we want as neighbors and friends, then we should cut them some slack and make their residency legal - no, not citizenship, but a "guest worker" program. After all, Americans are generally fair, and it would be fair to treat good people with compassion. The rest would face deportation.

No, I don't think Gingrich has baggage that will do him any harm among the fair-minded, informed folks.

But I trust the Democrats will do their best to tear Gingrich down - and bear in mind, they only do that to people they view as a real threat to the liberal agenda.

When Democrats put more effort into tearing down Gingrich than Romney, THAT tells the real story. Don't listen to what they say - watch what they DO!


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