Thursday, November 24, 2011

Is Gingrich Advocating Amnesty? Not Really - And Here's Why...

When most folks think "amnesty" they are thinking a "path to citizenship." But Newt Gingrinch specifically stated there would be no path to citizenship for those who came here illegally. However, if they have been here a long time, have kept their noses clean, raised a family etc., they would have the opportunity to be classed as legally here - a permanent visa, so to speak. But not citizenship.

In other words, it seems Newt took a page from my blog from last year. I had suggested that, since we cannot (and should not) deport all illegals as it could break up families, we should, instead, make the most of what we have - when life gives ya lemons, make lemonade.


If a person has been here at least 5 years, has been employed and has not committed any crimes (other than illegally entering the country), we should offer that person a choice - if they eventually want citizenship, they must go home and return legally, as that is the ONLY path to citizenship. But if they can live without citizenship and want to stay to give a better future to their family without the benefits of citizenship, they can choose to stay on a permanent visa (which can be revoked for criminal acts). Anyone choosing the latter would never be permitted to apply for citizenship - they made their choices. Their children, however, if brought here as minors would be apply to apply for citizenship upon reaching maturity.

Anyone choosing the latter would receive a special I.D. that they can use to procure a driver's license, etc. However, EVERY piece of identification issued to a non-citizen would be visibly different from that of citizens - perhaps a special color. This would preclude them from being able to vote. Any non-citizen who is caught using any ID that is not so colored or easily defined would immediately lose their visa and be deported.

Non-citizens who desire a permanent visa must adhere to certain conditions - for example, they must remain employed, and not be involved in anything criminal.

I think this is pretty much what Gingrich is advocating. If someone is an honest, productive resident (though not a citizen), and they have been here a long time, raised a family and been a "good neighbor", why on Earth would we WANT to deport them?

That is what Gingrich said. And, frankly, as conservative as I am, I agree. I would also add that any illegal immigrant who volunteers for active duty and serves this country faithfully and well should be placed on a "short list" for a path to citizenship.

I'm just sayin'...


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