Thursday, June 2, 2011

I don't get this, about the Democrats & Medicare...

Everyone is aware that, in its present form, Medicare will be bankrupt in 13 years or less. That is a fact. The Republicans are trying to deal with it, to keep it solvent by offering options for those under age 55 (no elderly folks are affected).

But the Democrats demonize the Republican plan. Yet, they offer none of their own except, as one Democrat Congressman said this morning, "We will insist to the President that he not change Medicare; to keep it a guaranteed benefit."

In other words, the Democrat plan seems to be "Let's do nothing - yeah, we know it will collapse in 13 years, but not messing with Medicare will help get us re-elected next year. We don't care about America - we care about getting elected."

Think about that last statement for a moment. Then think about the huge risk Republicans are taking by taking on the Medicare issue. They KNOW that messing with Medicare will cost them votes. Still, they are trying to fix it. In other words, where the Democrats are more concerned with their own personal success and getting re-elected, Republicans are obviously more concerned with the welfare of the nation, even if it means losing elections. That said, which type of politician would you rather have in office?

I really do not mind if Democrats - or anyone - do  not agree with the Republican plan. But to demonize it without offering an alternative is disingenuous and hypocritical. But the Democrats are doing the same thing with Medicare that they did with the annual budget - nothing. For two years while holding the House, they did not pass any budget. Why? Because to do so would have prevented the ability to spend like drunken sailors, which would have cost them their seats. They wanted to be able to rob the Treasury to buy votes with their pork, stimulus and political payback. You just cannot do that when you are on a budget.

If Obama or Democrat senators don't like the "Ryan Plan", then they need to offer a plan of their own. And doing nothing is not a plan.

I do not necessarily think the Ryan plan is perfect, but two things to think about - 1) at least the Republicans HAVE a plan that will save Medicare, and 2) it gives 13 years to tweak it to make it better.

Of course, there is always the alternative being proposed by the Democrats - do nothing, and in 13 years hope the Republicans are in power to take the heat when Medicare goes belly up.


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